Control System, HydroQuip, Lite Leader 4.0KW Slide System 120/240 CS7109B-US-4.0

Manufacturer: Hydro-Quip
SKU: cs7109b-us-4.0
Manufacturer part number: CS7109B-US-4.0
HydroQuip Pak CS7000B Economy Lite Leader series with Slide Heater

2 Spd Pump 1 (120/240v)
12v light
Ozone (120/240v)

Control box with brushed aluminum enclosure
4.0KW slide heater
2 Button topside control panel with overlay 4.5" X 2.25"
Cord set
8-1/2" Wide
10" Tall
4-1/2" Deep

2 Year Warranty

Manufacturer: Hydro-Quip
MPN: CS7109B-US-4.0