0601-221104 Control System Gecko IN.XM2-8-1-2-K-K-B-K-O-K-R-GD1

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Gecko IN.XE Control System Pack

HeaterPump 1
Pump 2
Plug Style
2401.0/4.0Kw2 Speed1 SpeedYes--Yes12v


2401.0/4.0Kw2 Speed--YesYesYes12v


2401.0/4.0Kw2 Speed1 SpeedYesYesYes12v


All Component Voltages Can Be Individually Set For 120 or 240


IN.XE Features:

  • in.put new input terminal bloc

    In.xe's cable bay was designed to ease wire insertion. Its terminal bloc has more room to insert wires. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime.

  • in.axess board access prevention

    Only serviceable parts, terminal bloc, fuses, heater and probe connectors, are made accessible to service technicians. Electronic components are protected in separate and inaccessible compartments.

  • in.seal watertight protection

    In.seal provides extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and power box are designed to be watertight and no water can be in direct contact with electrical components. (IPX5)

  • in.link plugs and connectors

    Totally waterproof, in.link plugs and connectors are designed to ensure that all cables of equipment used to make a spa work properly are well connected at their intended connection port, eliminating any risk of mis-wiring.

  • in.flo solid state monitoring

    In.flo is an all-electronic dry-fire protection of in.xe's heat.wav heater. In.flo eliminates the burden of adjustments, calibrations and failures associated to usual water flow sensors.

  • in.kin kinetic heat monitoring

    In.xe design includes in.kin, a contactor that protects spas and spa users against water overheat. In.kin is the industry's first and only true kinetic heat protection because it monitors all pump outputs, not just the "heating" pump.

  • in.t.cip water temp. algorithm

    In.xe also monitors water temperature through in.t.cip, our breakthrough software algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temperature readings.

  • in.stik software auto-uploader

    In.stik is another cool in.xe feature, a pen drive software auto-uploader with an in.link connector. In.stik connects to in.xe and contains software to program or configure its system. In.xe executes the data upload and update automatically.

Optional Sanitizers:



Ozone, 03, 120V, in.link plug

Pack Dimensions:

Pack Height: 12"
Pack Length: 18"
Pack Width: 4-5/8"
Heater: 2" x 15"


Panel Options (not included):


BDLK2001OP 4 Button 1 Pump
Panel 2" x 4-3/4"

BDLK2002OP 4 Button 2 Pump
Panel 2" x 4-3/4"

BDLK191OP 4 Button 1 Pump
Panel 3-1/4" x 7"

BDLK192OP 4 Button 2 Pump
Panel 3-1/4" x 7"

BDLK353OP 4 Button 2 Pump & Blower
Panel 3-1/4" x 7"

BDLK6005OP Keypad with Streamline Interface
Panel 3-3/4" x 7-1/4"

BDLK4503OP 3 Output Options
Panel 2-5/16" x 7"

IN.LINK Optional Cordsets:

240V Cable Kit

    • High current 2 speeds 240V
    • High current 1 speed 240V
    • Low current 240V
    • Low current 240V
    • Light cord with harness

    120V Cable Kit

      • High current 2 speeds 240V
      • High current 1 speed 240V
      • Low current 240V
      • Low current 240V
      • Light cord with harness


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      Manufacturer: Unknown
      MPN: 0601-221104