Circulation Pump, Aqua-Flo, CircMaster, CMVP, Spa, 115V CMVP115

Manufacturer: Aqua-Flo
SKU: cmvp115
Manufacturer part number: CMVP115
Aqua-Flo by Gecko's Circ-Master vertical mount pump takes 24-hour filtration to a new level, delivering the highest GPM of any recirculation pump on the spa industry. Higher GPM allows the Circ-Master to operate a high-flow heating system resulting in increased heating efficiency and up to four times the filtration.
1-1/2" pump union connectors included.
Frame: 48
Voltage: 115V
Amperage: 1.3
Horsepower: 1/15
Intake: 1-1/2"
Discharge: 1-1/2" center discharge
Manufacturer: Aqua-Flo