Air Blower, Comet 2000, 1.0HP, 230v, 3.5A CBL1.0220A

Manufacturer: Unknown
SKU: cbl1.0220a
Manufacturer part number: CBL1.0220A
COMET 2000 Pass Through Blower 1.0HP, 230v, 3.5A
Super quiet pass through style blower with 2" tapered slip fittings on both ends. Includes 48" 3 wire 4pin amp cord.

Superior Performance At Just A Whisper

A highly advanced super quiet blower designed for OEM and portable spas. The COMET 2000 offers:

  • Completely redesigned intake manifold to eliminate small objects and debris from entering blower causing failure
  • A unique rubber motor mount which absorbs noise and vibration
  • Available with 3 speeds
  • A 2 inch tapered slip in and out fittings eliminate the need for glue or clamps

Manufacturer: Unknown
MPN: CBL1.0220A
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